When it comes to firearms and safety, there’s no such thing as too much. Everything we do here at CTRC is aimed at keeping our members and visitors safe every time they use their firearm. To that end, we value and adhere to the following Range Safety Rules:

  • The Range Officer (RO) is in charge of all range users (including visitors) on the range and must be obeyed immediately

  • Under no circumstances may firearms be loaded except when on the firing line, and by command of the RO

  • Bolts and magazines are to be removed when not on the Firing Point

  • All range users have an obligation to report any potentially dangerous situation to the RO immediately

  • Firearms may not be handled behind the firing line.  People wishing to examine, adjust, clean or otherwise handle firearms must only do so in a designated safe area or on the actual firing line

  • No person is permitted to approach the firing line until the RO issues the command to move forward to the mound

  • You must not touch any firearm until the RO issues the appropriate commands

  • On the command "cease fire"(or the sounding of a whistle) all shooters must immediately, cease fire, open the action, lay their firearm down, muzzle pointed downrange and stand immediately behind the firing line to await the RO who will issue further instructions or clear each firearm in turn

  • No person is permitted to go downrange until the RO has cleared all firearms and issued the command " the range is now clear to go forward"

  • Once the range is clear, the RO's duty is to ensure no one approaches the firing line! 

  • Firing may not commence until the appropriate warning flags have been erected in accordance with the club's rules

  • Shooting may only be at the official targets.  All fauna is protected on the range and people who deliberately shoot at anything other than the official targets will be expelled from the range

  • Hearing and eye protection is to be worn by all personnel, at all times when firing is taking place

  • Eye protection is to be worn whenever personnel are working in the Target Gallery (Butts) and firing is taking place