Precision Rimfire 22 (PR22)

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So what is the PR22 Series?


PR22 is a fun, fast-moving shooting discipline ideally suited to new (and some not so new) shooters wishing to take part in 'practical-type' shooting.  It is probably the best (and cheapest) way to get started in precision rifle shooting.


The aim of the PR22 Series is to make this type of shooting available to any licensed shooter (young or old, male or female) who owns a .22 fitted with a scope. The series is conducted as a monthly match (roughly) during 2022 with a different Course of Fire for every match.

Shooters are required to engage targets of varying sizes and from different ranges. We use steel targets so there is no walking down range to check paper targets.  Shooters will also shoot from different positions including standing, sitting, kneeling or prone.  We will also throw in barricades (or other items) that you must shoot through, around or over.

PRT PR22 matches will typically run for about 4 - 4 1/2 hours over 8 stages.  Matches are shot over ranges from 25m out to 200m.


So what type of rifle should I bring?  


PR22 is designed for rimfire bolt action and straight-pull rifles. Lever-action rifles, while permitted, are not recommended. 

Shooters will compete in 2 separate rifle classes. These will be based on the recommended retail price (RRP) of the rifle. The two classes are:

  • Production Class: This class is intended for the 'entry-level' or budget rifle. Any rifle with a maximum recommended retail price (RRP) of $1000 or less qualifies for this class. Scopes in this class must have an RRP of $500 or less. Please Note: The assessed RRP of rifles and scopes for this class are based on advice obtained from both local and online retailers. Aftermarket cheek risers or modifications to the factory stock in order to achieve proper cheek weld are permitted. Bipods are also allowed. Aftermarket barrels, triggers, trigger spring kits and any other parts that modify the factory barreled action are not permitted. Triggers may be adjusted if the original manufacturers trigger allows for such adjustments. If your rifle fails the RRP or modification rules, you will need to enter as an Open Class shooter.

  • Below is a list of rifles and scopes which fit within the price restrictions for Precision Rimfire 22 (PR22) Production Class (rifle - max $1000 / scope - max $500).  The list is not exhaustive however it provides a reasonable idea of the types of equipment and prices:

  • Rifles:

    • Tikka T1X:  $979

    • Ruger Precision Rifle:  $949

    • Ruger:  American Rimfire:  $785

    • Ruger 8340 Rimfire:  $890

    • Ruger: American Rimfire Target: $995

    • Ruger: LRMG: $785

    • CZ 457 American:  $990

    • CZ 457 Scout:  $749

    • CZ457 Training Rifle:  $895

    • Savage: B Series Rimfire:  $645 - $1000

  • Scopes:


    • BUSHNELL ENGAGE 4-12X40: $365

    • ZEROTECH VENGENCE 4.5 - 18:  $349

    • BUSHNELL ENGAGE 6-18X50:  $455



  • Open Class: Open class shooters have no restrictions on the price of their rifle and scope.

  • While PR22 is normally restricted to rifles chambered in .22 LR only, shooters with rifles chambered in .22 Magnum may also participate in this competition. However, shooters competing with .22 Magnum rifles will be required to compete in Open Class.


What equipment do I need?  


  • A rifle zeroed and ready to go

  • A sling​​

  • A shooting mat or groundsheet (just in case the ground's damp)

  • At least 1 ten round or 2 five-round magazines

  • A minimum of 80 rounds of your favourite .22 cal ammunition

  • An empty chamber indicator (flag)

  • A small rear bag (if you're unfamiliar with how rear bags are used, you might want to check out the video - 65 Guys - A Look at Rear Bags

  • Hearing protection is mandatory

  • Protective eyewear/shooting glasses are highly recommended

  • Water, lunch and snacks - Note: You will need to bring your lunch with you. There will be no time to head to the local shops at lunch-time.

  • A daypack that you can use to lug all your gear around from stage to stage

  • If you have a spotting scope or pair of binoculars, please bring those with you.


Where to from here? 

Our next event will be part of a 'double-header' (PR22 followed by Practical Pistol) on 3 Jul 2022. The PR22 match will consist of 6 stages fired at distances of 30 – 200 metres and will require a minimum of 60 rounds of ammunition. Competitors can expect some fun and challenging stages with a mix of easy to difficult stages.  This match uses mini laser cut steel targets.


Where: Scottsdale SSAA Range



  • 0830:  Arrive / match setup

  • 0900:  Registration / Sign In

  • 0915:  Safety / Firer’s Briefs

  • 0930:  PR match commences

  • 1300:  Pistol match commences


Registration: To register, shooters must use our secure online registration form.



  • Members - $10

  • Non members -  $25

  • Juniors (under 18) - shoot for free


Course of Fire:  The Course of Fire will be emailed to you the afternoon before the match.  Please print out and bring a copy with you or if you prefer, download it to your phone.  Note: PRT reserves the right to modify the competition format at any time.  Below is an example of a match book containing the type of Course of Fire you can expect on match day.


Targets: These are the steel targets we use for PR22 matches. 
















Lunch: BYO lunch and snacks and drinks.


Questions: If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Match Director, Kev Thomas, on the mobile or email address below.

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