2022 Club Championship Leader Board

Updated: Jun 14

“Don’t be upset by the results you didn’t get with the practice you didn’t put in.”

The purpose of this page is be to display the current match results for our three main disciplines (Long Range Precision (LRP), Precision Rifle (PR) and Precision Rimfire 22 (PR22) for 2021. Please note that in 2022 we'll be adding Pistol Steel Challenge to the list of disciplines that suitably licensed club members will be able to compete in. A seperate page will soon be added to the list of disciplines that will answer most questions a shooter might have.

At the bottom of the page is a detailed explanation of the method used for calculating the match percentages.

The following rules will apply to the accumulation of points for the 2022 Precision Rifle Tasmania (PRT) Club Championship Series:

  • A shooter must be a member of PRT to have his/her points qualify for the Club Championship Series, regardless of the discipline.

  • A shooter's top two scores for the regular season will be added to his/her score for the Grand Final Match, giving the shooter three results from which to calculate their overall series placing.

  • Points scored in the Grand Final Match for each discipline will be worth 1 & 1/2 times more than points scored in a regular season match.


Pistol Championship





Match Point Calculation: Please note that for all matches, points are awarded based off the percentage of the winning shooter score for each discipline. For example, the winning shooter in each match will automatically be awarded 100 points. So for that particular match if Shooter A shot 172 to win; 2nd place Shooter B scored 148 points; and 3rd place Shooter C shot 123. We divide Shooter B's 148 points by 172 and multiply by 100 to end up with 86.04% for Shooter B. We also divide Shooter C's 123 points by 172 and multiply by 100 to end up with 71.51% for Shooter C.

Therefore the overall match score table would look like this:

Shooter A - 100 pts

Shooter B - 86.04 pts

Shooter C - 71.51 pts

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