Precision Rifle Tasmania (PRT) began life as the Campbell Town Rifle Club  (CTRC), which was one of the oldest long-range shooting clubs in Australia.  However, the earliest written history of CTRC is dated 25 Nov 1896 when the club's first Annual General Meeting was held. On the opposite is a news article of the time covering that AGM.

In 1901, five CTRC members joined a Tasmanian team to compete for the annual King's Prize in Brisbane. One of them, LT J. Gatty, won the prize. The photograph (below left) shows LT Gatty alongside a fellow CTRC King's Prize shooter CAPT A. Sharland (John Gatty is on the far left and Sharland - no 6 from the left). This photograph was taken in 1901 following their return from the Boer War.

Unfortunately, after a bitter struggle with the Tasmanian Rifle Association, on 19 Oct 2020 we terminated our affiliation with that organisation. As a result, we decided to forge a new path and to that end, we departed Campbell Town Rifle Range for Scottsdale Rifle Range.  On 5 Aug 2021, CTRC changed its official name for a third (and hopefully the last) time to Precision Rifle Tasmania. Our new name represents who we are, precision rifle shooters and the fact that our members come from all parts of Tasmania.  We still however, own the legal rights to the old club name 'Campbell Town Rifle Club', which means we remain the custodians of the club's long history.

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2. We are grateful to https://www.facebook.com/campbelltowntasmania/ for their assistance

3. National Library of Australia


This was the original CTRC logo which was formally retired on 5 Aug 2021 following the club's renaming. The number 35 represents the number of rounds that were fired in the club's original shooting competitions.

Screen Shot 2021-09-06 at 7.47.43 am.png
Screen Shot 2021-09-06 at 7.46.00 am.png
Screen Shot 2021-09-06 at 7.50.24 am.png

Above are the new club logos that were selected by the committee on 7 Sep 2021. Each is designed for a specific application. The top one is for the website, the middle one is for patches and badges and the bottom one is for letterheads. The top one can also be used for T-shirts and other club merchandise.