Precision Rifle (PR)

Days to Go

So what is Precision Rifle (PR)?


This is a fast-moving, practical-style long range shooting discipline where centrefire rifles are used. In this discipline some of the positions you will be shooting from will be less than 100% stable.

Shooters are required to engage targets of varying sizes and from different ranges. They will also shoot from different positions including standing, sitting, kneeling or prone.  To make it more interesting, we will throw in barricades (or other props) that you must shoot through, under or over. Some stages will also include rapid (maybe 3 shots in 10 seconds) or snap firing where the shooter is allowed to engage a given number of targets for 5-8 seconds).

Matches will typically run for about 4-5 hours and PR matches at Scottsdale will be shot at ranges out to 800yd.

Matches run at the SSAA State Range (Runnymede) are conducted over 8 stages out to 800m (currently). 

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What equipment do I need?  


  • A rifle zeroed and ready to go

  • A sling​​

  • A shooting mat or groundsheet (just in case the ground's damp)

  • At least 1 ten round or 2 five-round magazines

  • 60-80 rounds of your ammunition (factory match or precision handloaded

  • An empty chamber flag (you can buy these locally from Sports Hut or online from EBay).  These are a must.

  • A small rear bag similar to this one.

  • Hearing protection is mandatory.

  • Protective eyewear/shooting glasses are highly recommended.

  • Water, lunch and snacks - Note: You will need to bring your lunch with you. There will be no time to head to the local shops at lunch-time.

  • A daypack that you can use to lug all your gear around from stage to stage.

  • If you have a tripod, binoculars, spotting scope, Kestrel and / or a laser range finder,  please bring those with you.


When is our next match? 

Our next PR match will be a full 8 stage match on 7 Aug 2022. This match will be shot at distances from 200yd to 800yd and will require a minimum of 80 rounds of ammunition. Competitors can expect some fun and challenging stages with a mix of easy to difficult stages.  PRT uses laser cut hardened steel (AR500) targets.


Round Count. Shooters will need a minimum of 80 rounds of ammunition.


Where: Scottsdale SSAA Range


What time do I have to be there on Sunday: 


  • 0830:  Arrive / match setup

  • 0900:  Registration / Sign In

  • 0930:  Safety / Firer’s Briefs

  • 1000:  PR match commences


Registration: To register, shooters must use our secure online registration form.


Match fee:

  • Members - $10.

  • Non members -  $25

  • Juniors (under 18 years old) - shoot for free


Match fees can be paid by direct bank transfer to the PRT bank account as follows:


    • BSB:  807-009

    • Account Number:  12268125


Fees can also be paid on match day, using our onsite Square EFTPOS  Reader.  This facility will cost an extra $1.00. 


Please note that we no longer accept cash.

Course of Fire:  The Course of Fire will be emailed to you on Saturday afternoon / evening.  Please print it out and bring a copy with you or if you prefer, download it to your phone.  


Note: PRT reserves the right to modify the competition format at any time.  Below is an example of a match book containing the type of Course of Fire you can expect on match day.



Lunch: BYO lunch and snacks and drinks.


Questions: If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Match Director, Kev Thomas, on the mobile number or email address below.

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