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Days to Go

Why pistols?


Recently the decision was taken by the committee to include pistol competition and training into the club's shooting schedule.  The purpose of this decision was to ensure that PRT was in compliance with the requirements of our TASPOL Range Approval.

As result, from 1 May 2022, PRT will commence its Service Pistol competition.  Shortly we will be adding Steel Challenge to the list.

What equipment do I need?  


  • A pistol, semiautomatic or revolver

  • Calibre:

    • Rimfire - .22LR

    • Centrefire - 9mm .38 Special

  • Sights:  Both iron and optic sights are permitted 

  • At least 2 magazines

  • Holster - if you are PRT or SSAA holster qualified

  • A shooting mat or groundsheet (for prone shooting)

  • Hearing protection is mandatory

  • Protective eyewear is also mandatory


  • If you are interested in learning to safely and confidently use a pistol (whether you have an H category licence already or not), you might want to think about doing the PRT Basic Pistol Course.  You'll be taught everything from:

    • characteristics, description;

    • safety precautions, strip and assemble;

    • grip and stance - 2 handed / 1 handed;

    • handling drills;

    • immediate action, stoppages;

    • sight picture and trigger pull;

    • draw from the holster / re-holster ;

    • positional shooting - standing, kneeling, prone, barricade; and

    • shooting from the holster.

The course is run over one day, and by the end of the course, you'll be qualified to shoot from the holster at any one of our pistol competitions.


Where to from here?  When and where are our matches held?


When:  Our next pistol competition shoot will be part of a double-header PR22/Pistol match held on Sunday 3 Jul 2022.

The match will start at approx 1230pm and will follow the Steel Challenge format.  Shooters will be allowed to start from either the 'Low Ready’ or from the holster (for those that are either PRT or SSAA holster qualified).  Shooters will be given the opportunity to practice before taking part in the match.

Where: Scottsdale Rifle Range.



  • 12.30pm - Pistol match commences

  • 3.30pm - Pistol Match concludes / Range cleanup


  • Members - $10

  • Non members -  $25

  • Juniors (under 18) - shoot for free

Course of Fire:  The course of fire for this match will be based on the Steel Challenge format and will be issued the day before the match.

Rules: Detailed match rules will be provided at the Firer's Brief on Match Day.

Registration:  Shooters must be members of either PRT, the Arms Collectors Guild of Tasmania or SSAA to compete in this match.  Shooters can register on our secure online registration form. 


Round Count.  Shooters will require a minimum of 25 rounds for the match.  However it is recommended that you bring at least 50 rounds in order to get some practice in before your match round commences.

Targets:  This match will use laser cut hardened steel targets.

 PRT reserves the right to modify the competition format at any time.