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Precision Rifle Tasmania (PRT) is located at Scottsdale Rifle Range, Tasmania and offers a variety of precision long-range shooting disciplines including Long Range Precision (LRP); Precision Rifle-Steel  (PR-S) and Precision Rimfire 22 (PR22). We cater to all levels of practical, long-range target shooting enthusiast. 


PRT trains and competes at three ranges; an 800yd range and a 200m range at Scottsdale in Tasmania's northeast and a third, 1000m range at the SSAA State Range at Runnymede in the state's south. Our calendar contains details of all PRT scheduled activities.

Our home range at Scottsdale is capable of handling rifle calibres from rimfire up to .490 cal out to 800yards.  If you're interested in learning and competing in practical, precision long-range events, then we're definitely the club for you in Tasmania.

Please look at our About page for more information on the club's long history. By the way..... it's our 135th birthday on the 19th of Jun this year. Our club is older than the Commonwealth of Australia!




What's happening at the club?​

  • 15 May 2022: Guild 500m 'Fly' (Scottsdale)

  • 22 May 2022:  Pistol Match (Scottsdale)

  • 5 Jun 2022:  Precision Rifle (Scottsdale)

  • Club merchandise:  For access to our club merchandise shop ===>> CLICK HERE